Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong spent decades looking for the father who left him as a child. Now, he says a BBC report on his search has helped him find a family who never knew him.

  香港演员黄秋生花了几十年的时间寻找在他儿童时期就脱离 了他的父亲。现在,他说BBC上的一篇关于他寻父的报导 帮他找到了一个从未知道 过他的家庭。

  It’s late March, and three men are gathered for a meeting they’d never thought they would have.

  这是三月下旬,三名男人 集合 在一同 ,他们从未想到他们会有这样的会面。

  One man is Anthony Wong, one of the most famous actors in the Chinese-speaking world, known for his roles in films like Infernal Affairs and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

  其间 一个人是中文世界最著名的演员之一黄秋生,他以电影《无间道》和《木乃伊3:龙帝之墓》等电影人物 而出名 。

  The other two are silver-haired, 74-year-old Englishmen - Anthony’s two half-brothers that he had never met until last week.

  另外两人是的头发斑白的74岁英国人 - 黄秋生的素未谋面的两个同父异母的兄弟,直到上周他们才碰头 。

  "Amazing, impossible - a miracle" is how the actor, 56, described it.

  “令人惊叹,简直不可能 - 奇观 。”56岁的演员这样描述道。

  For decades, the celebrity looked for traces of his British father, who left him when he was four.

  数十年来,这位名人寻找他的英国父亲的踪迹,这位父亲在他四岁时脱离 了他。

  Fragmented information from his Cantonese mother about the former Hong Kong government official had led him nowhere.

  他的广东籍母亲对这个前香港政府官员的碎片化音讯 对他的寻找 毫无协助 。

  He knew only his name - Frederick William Perry - and had some basic biographical details and a handful of photographs.

  他只知道他的名字是弗雷德里克-威廉-佩里,并有一些底子 的履历细节和一些照片。

  Earlier this year, Anthony spoke to BBC Chinese about his search. He described how, without his father, he had grown up feeling "trapped in between" his British and Hong Kong identities, and how he hoped the internet would help bring him some answers.

  本年 早些时分 ,黄秋生向BBC中文台介绍了他的寻找 。他这样描述,在没有父亲在身边的日子里长大,他感觉“被困在”他的英国和香港身份之间,以及他期望 互联网能帮他找到一些答案。

  The day after the BBC published his story, a Facebook thread was set up by people wanting to help him. Three separate women following the page around the world began looking for information and passing it on to him.

  BBC发布他的故事后的第二天,想要协助 他的人设立在脸书上建了一个主题。来自不同当地 的三位女性分别开始寻找信息并将其传递给他。

  "New clues came almost every day," Anthony said.

  “简直 每天都有新线索,”黄秋生说。

  On 2 March, he sent another post saying that someone had found biographical information of his possible father and his English family.


  He could hardly dare to believe they were his relatives, but the names and years seemed to match perfectly.

  他简直 不敢相信他们是他的亲戚,但名字和时代 似乎完美匹配。

  At the same time, John Perry, 74, was on a cruise ship in the Pacific with his twin brother, David.

  与此同时,74岁的约翰-佩里和他的孪生兄弟大卫当时一同 在和平 洋的一艘游轮上。

  They picked up an email from a cousin in England saying there was "a rather sensitive matter I should know about", says John.

  他们从英国的一个堂兄那里收到一封电子邮件,说有一件“我应该知道的适当 敏感的事情”,约翰说。

  Meanwhile, David’s son sent him a photograph, which showed Perry Sr holding Anthony as a baby.


  When they got back home to Melbourne, Australia, where they have lived for the past few decades, they watched the BBC story and saw a man who was, without question, their father.

  当他们回到曾经 几十年来居住的澳大利亚墨尔本的家中时,他们看了BBC的故事,看到一个毫无疑问是他们父亲的男人。

  "We talked about it, Dave and I. And we decided we’d better come over and see him," said John.

  “我们商议 了一下,大卫和我。抉择 最好曾经 和他碰头 ,”约翰说。

  On 20 March, the three met in Hong Kong.


  "It was just incredible," Anthony said. "After all these years and suddenly it all happened in two weeks!"

  “这真是不可思议,”黄秋生说。 “这么多年后,这俄然 间都发生在两周内!”

  Sadly, Perry Sr had died in 1988. The Perry brothers say he had never once mentioned his second family.

  不幸的是,父亲佩里在1988年去世 了。佩里兄弟说,他从未提到过他的第二个家庭。